OC Password Rejected - Apple Mail

These instructions show what to do when the Apple Mail app does not accept your password for your OC email account and shows you an error message upon opening the application.

OC Password Not Accepted

You do not have to enter your OC password to fix the issue.

Mail Preferences

  1. Click on Mail on the menu bar at the top-left of the screen.
  2. Select Preferences...

Edit SMTP Server List

  1. Make sure you're in the Accounts tab.
  2. Make sure the OC email is selected from the list on the left.
  3. Click to open the menu by Outgoing Mail Server.
  4. Select Edit SMTP Server List...

Check Username

  1. Select the Advanced tab.
  2. Make sure that "User Name" shows your ENTIRE email address, including ""
  3. Click OK.


  • You have successfully resolved the rejected password issue in Apple Mail.

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