Unable to Access Newest Version of MyOC


If you are unable to access the newest version of myOC, and your internet browser brings you back to an older version of myOC, try one or both of the following solutions:


Current Version

Current Version

The latest version of MyOC was launched on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. The home page looks like the photo above.


Delete and Remake Any Bookmark/Favorite


If you've "bookmarked" MyOC or "added it to your favorites," this can cause your browser to direct you to an older version of myOC. View our instructions for making and deleting internet bookmarks/favorites.




Resetting Your Homepage

If you have set MyOC as your homepage, you may need to reset it to make sure that it does not direct you to an older version of MyOC.

  • Make sure it is set at "" and not "" or any other variation of the MyOC web address.


Contact Support Central

If you have any questions or experience any problems with these instructions, please contact Support Central for assistance.

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