Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) General Information

Support Central is excited to announce the new "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) program, in which a student can bring the laptop of his/her choice and use it in the classroom setting.

Please read below for more information.

What software will be available to me?

All incoming students will be able to receive a copy of the following software:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise - 64 bit
  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac
  • Microsoft 365

For any Windows operating system installations, please bring your laptop to Support Central.

Depending on your degree plan, there may also be additional software available to you. Contact the director of your degree program to see what additional software, if any, is available to you and how to download it.

Can Support Central still work on my computer?

Hardware Repair:

For students, we can work on all in-warranty Dell and Apple computers. If the Apple and/or Dell computers are out of warranty, we will attempt to work on it and any repairs done will be fully billed back to the student. With Dells it can be difficult to get parts for out of warranty machines. For Apple computers, parts should be available for up to five years after the laptops release date.

Computers that are not Apple or Dell can not be serviced for hardware repair.

Software Work:

If you are having issues with software (ex: virus, malware, etc.) you can bring it by Support Central and we will assist you as best we can.


If Support Central keeps your laptop for repair, you are eligible to receive a loaner laptop for the duration of the repair period. If the loaner is not returned within 5 business days of completing the repair, Support Central reserves the right to charge $5 a day for rent on the overdue loaner.

If the student is able to provide proof of their laptop being repaired elsewhere (receipt, etc.), we are happy to provide a loaner. For this loaner, Support Central negotiates a return date with the customer for when they should have their laptop back. If the customer does not return it by that date or communicate that their computer is still being repaired, Support Central reserves the right to charge $5 a day for rent on the overdue loaner.

If a student needs a loaner for only a brief period of time, Support Central is happy to provide a loaner. This agreement usually requires the student bring back the loaner either that same business day or the next business day. After the agreed return date has past, Support Central reserves the right to charge $5 a day for rent on the overdue loaner.

Data Loss/Recovery:

With any work done on personal computers, Support Central is not liable for data lost while working on the device. While a data backup is usually performed for extensive laptop work, we recommend backing up your data at regular intervals to prevent data loss.

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