How To Understand Your Degree Audit

Your degree audit is an evaluation from the Registrar's office that tracks the progress of your degree program - this includes the courses you have taken, grades received, and grade point averages. You can also use your degree audit to see what courses you will need in order to complete your degree program.

Follow below for explanations for what the different areas of your degree audit mean.

For instructions on how to view your degree audit CLICK HERE.

  1. This area tells you the current program you have selected. You can change which program you would like to apply to your degree audit. CLICK HERE for instructions. These instructions also tells you your anticipated graduation date.
  2. ACT and SAT scores. If you have questions regarding how this applies to your personal degree audit, see your advisor.
  3. This tells your advisor's name, also known as your new best friend.
  4. The number of credit hours you can have with a grade of D, and how many hours you have accumulated.
  5. The number of credit hours you can have with a grade of C, and how many hours you have accumulated.
  6. The name of your personal financial counselor (PFC).
  7. The number of transfer credits you have accumulated since you started at OC. The maximum allowed is 15 credit hours.
  1. The overall credits show the MINIMUM required credit hours for your degree program. Current Earned shows how many credit hours you have total - not all of these credit hours will necessarily be applied to your degree program
  2. The overall GPA shows the MINIMUM required GPA for your degree program. This varies with different degree programs. Your current Overall GPA includes classes you have transferred in from other universities.
  1. Core Required classes refers to your General Education classes, or Gen Eds.
  2. Note there is a MINIMUM GPA requirement for most Gen Ed programs.

You will notice throughout your degree audit that different sections will tell you if it is "In Progress," "Complete," or "Pending completion of unfinished activity."

  1. In Progress - You have completed part of the requirements for that section, and are not currently enrolled in the classes to complete those requirements.
  2. Complete - You are successfully completed all of the necessary requirements for that sections
  3. Pending completion of unfinished activity - You are currently enrolled in the class you will need to complete the requirements for that section.
  1. Below this are the classes considered specific to your major.
  2. Your GPA requirements are listed here, and the current GPA you have attained.
  1. Towards the bottom of your degree audit there will be a list of "Other Courses." These are courses not currently being applied toward your degree program. Talk to your advisor about these "other" courses listed - if you have enough, you may be able to claim a minor.
  1. The last thing on your degree audit is "Course Listing." This is a list of all of the classes (with grades) on your degree audit in alphabetical order. These are ALL of your classes, whether they are applied to this degree program or not.
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