Do I Need to Get a New Parking Decal Sticker Every Year?

You do need to register your vehicle(s) on entrance to Campus, and then register each year thereafter by Fall semester in order to park and drive on OC Campus.  Yearly registration is required for the Campus Police Department to verify a student's vehicle is authorized to be on OC Campus for that year.

You only need a new parking decal for any one of the following reasons, and you will need to register your vehicle again at that time to apply for the decal with OC Campus Police:

  • You become a junior/senior (60 hours or more) and still have a blue sticker.
  • You use a different vehicle (new/old/borrowed/rental, etc.) on campus.
  • You get a new windshield.
  • You get a new or specialized tag number.

OC vehicle decal stickers are not transferable or reusable.

Registration is NOT complete until vehicle decal sticker is permanently and correctly placed on the assigned vehicle's windshield.

OC Campus Police Department Contact

You may visit our office Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. You may also contact us at 405.425.5503. Our emergency number is 405.425.5500.





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