Requesting Funding from SGA


The information below was taken from the SGA Funding Request Form and the By-Laws of the Student Body.


The Source of Funds for SGA Funding Requests

The SGA is funded by small student fees that are charged as part of tuition fees every semester. SGA fall and spring semester budgets contain the following line items: activities, campus improvement, spiritual events, campus spirit activities, OC missions, and other bodies as well as any other lines that SGA sees fit to create. The "other bodies" line item of the fall and spring semester budgets must contain a minimum of 15% of the money received in student fees for the given semester. Money left over in "other bodies" at the end of each semester shall not roll over into the "other bodies" line item for the following semester. The "other bodies" line item of each semester’s budget serves the purpose of funding appeals for money from SGA.


Process of Appealing for Money from SGA


Funding requests are first presented before the Appropriations Committee (a temporary committee, that meets on an as-needed basis, consisting of all the class secretary/treasurers chaired by the executive treasurer), where it must receive a majority vote before going to the entire SGA Senate. Rejection by the Appropriations Committee is not final and request may be resubmitted. Upon approval from the Appropriations Committee, you will be required to make a short presentation in front of the entire SGA Senate during a weekly meeting (weekly meetings are held at the time agreed upon at the beginning of each academic year). The SGA Senate will vote on the funding no earlier than a week after your presentation and decisions are final.


Guidelines for Presentation

Presentation in Front of Appropriations Committee

  • Be prepared to answer any questions about the event.
  • Bring estimations of all expenses that will occur on your trip.
  • Be able to demonstrate an accurate and well thought out budget.
  • Bring five paper copies of your funding request.

Presentation in Front of SGA Senate should

  • be under five minutes in length
  • describe the purpose of the event
  • describe the means of transportation
  • explain accommodations
  • provide a detailed budget
  • explain any other important information


Details to Consider

Before your presentation in front of the Appropriations Committee please review the contents below.

  • Funding requests are presented to the SGA are on a first come first served basis; and,
  • Funding requests may be based on merit and need of the organization; and,
  • Executive Officers cannot present funding requests if they are involved in the organization presenting the request; and,
  • If the Executive Treasurer is involved in the group making the request, the Executive President unless the Executive President is also involved in the group, in that case another Executive Officer or the SGA sponsor, must preside over the Appropriations Committee meeting debating the funding request; and,
  • Requests for conferences will not cover an accompanying professor or staff member; and,
  • All money requested for academic conferences must go towards conference registration, transportation, and hotel expenses. In general funding will not be approved for food and entertainment expenses at conferences; and,
  • A budget is required at the time of the Appropriations Committee meeting including actual costs and documentation (i.e. print outs of any purchases such as plane tickets); and,
  • SGA will match funds that the student group has raised through student contribution and fundraising of an academic or service related conference, up to $500 per individual student attending; and,
  • Organizations are expected to show a level of student involvement in acquiring funds for the event, this includes funds paid by the students and student fundraising. Funds acquired by a specific Department are encouraged but will not replace the student involvement requirement; and,
  • If department funds are being contributed, then the signature of the Department Chair is required; and,
  • Once voted on, at SGA’s Senate’s weekly meeting, the amount of funding approved is final; and,
  • By submitting a funding request to the Appropriations Committee you are agreeing to allow SGA members to audit the event budget at any time during the academic year; and,
  • All funding is retroactive unless otherwise approved by the SGA Executive Officers, and any unused funds are to be returned to SGA; and,
  • Receipts for money spent and any unused funds are required within 30 days of the event. Failure to provide all receipts and any unused funds within 30 days will result in a two year ban from funding for your organization.


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