Forward Your ShoreTel Phone Using Communicator for Mac

You can forward your ShoreTel phone to another phone on campus or to a local external number.  The easiest way to set up your forwarding options is using ShoreTel Communicator.  If you have not installed the program, you can find instructions for installing it here: Install/Setup Shoretel Communicator for Mac

Get Started

Get Started
  1. In ShoreTel Communicator for Windows, Select the More menu.
  2. Select Preferences.

Set Up Call Handling

Set Up Call Handling
  1. Select a Call Handling Mode. In this example, we're using the Extended Absence mode, but you can use any of the call handling modes.
  2. Enter the number you'd like to forward your phone to in the Forwarding Destination. If you want it to Forward immediately with every call, enter it as Always. If you want the call to forward only if the call is not answered, select When no answer or busy.  If transferring to an on-campus number you will only need to enter the 4-digit extension. To transfer to an external number, enter the whole number including area code. The number you're transferring to must be a local number.
  3. Press Save to save changes.


Change Your Call Handling Mode

Change Your Call Handling Mode

To turn on the forwarding, set your ShoreTel phone to the call handling mode where you set up forwarding.

  1. Select Call Handling Mode in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the Call Handling Mode where you set up the forwarding.  In this example, we used Extended Absence.
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