Laserfiche File Import - Windows Only

This is a guide for setting up Laserfiche to convert all files into the appropriate file format for storing in Laserfiche.

Open Laserfiche and log in.

  1. Select "Tools" from the Laserfiche menu.
  2. Select "Options"

Set PDF Settings

Set PDF Settings
  1. Select "New Documents"
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Check the "Generate Laserfiche Pages" box
  4. Check the "Preserve PDF annotations on Laserfiche pages" box
  5. make sure the other two check boxes in the PDF section remain unchecked




Add file types to be converted

Add file types to be converted
  1. Select "File Conversion"
  2. Enter in any file extension from the above list that is not present in your settings and press "add"
  3. Once you have entered all extensions select "OK"

The options dialog will close and you are ready to import files to Laserfiche.

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