Connect to a Server Automatically on Login - Mac

These instructions will help you connect to Servers or Network folders automatically when you login to your Mac.

Connect to the Servers/Network Folders

You must first connect to the server or folder you wish to set up automatically. If you do not know how, please see our instructions on how to Connect to a Server in Mac.

Open System Preferences

Open System Preferences and click on “Users & Groups”
  • Click the System Preferences icon from your Dock.

Select Your Profile

 Select your user name from the list and then click the “Login Items” tab
  1. Click on your user profile
  2. Click on Login Items

Add a Mounted Network Drive

 Add a mounted network drive into the login items list
  • Click on the plus ( + ) button.

Select Folder to Be Mounted

  1. Navigate the Finder window and select the folder you would like to add.
  2. Click Add.

Optional: Hide Server Folder

Optional: you can check the hide option next to the added Server/Network Folder.

This option will stop the Servers/Network Folders from opening every time you login to your Mac, but you will still be connected.


You have successfully configured a server or network folder to connect automatically when you log in.

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