One & Two Sided Printing

Follow these steps to print single-sided or double-sided to your print queue. Make sure you are out a printer capable of duplex printer. All copiers are capable of duplex printing.

Using Installed Printers

Open the Print Dialog

Open the Print Dialog
  1. Select a Print Queue.
  2. In the printing drop-down select Finishing.
  3. In the Print Style drop-down select 1-sided printing or 2-sided printing.
  4. Click Print.

Using Web Print (Students)

Choose Advanced

  1. Next to BW or Color, check the Advanced box
  2. Under Double-sided print, choose None for single-sided printing, or Long-side or Short-Side for duplex printing.
  3. Click the BW UniFlow Secure Release button.


You have successfully edited your duplex printing options.

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