Connect to an External Display - Windows 10

Plug in the Projector

Make sure the projector is turned on, and then plug the projector cable into a video port on your computer.  This may require an adapter.

Search for "projector"

Search for "projector"
  1. In the search bar in the bottom-left corner of your screen, type projector
  2. Click Project to second screen

Configure Displays

Choose your second screen option

Select how you want your desktop to be displayed:

  • PC Screen Only (This shows your desktop ONLY on your computer screen.)
  • Duplicate (This shows your desktop on both your computer screen AND a second screen (i.e. projector).)
  • Extend (This extends your desktop from your computer screen to a second screen (i.e. projector, second monitor).)
  • Second Screen Only (This shows your desktop ONLY on a second screen (i.e. projector).)


You have successfully connected and configured your external display.

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