Two Factor Authentication

Some OC employees are required to use Two Factor Authentication.  With Two Factor Authentication, you'll protect your account using both your password and your phone.  In order to access your account you'll need both something you have (your phone) and something you know (your password).

Log In to MyOC

Log In
  1. Enter your OC username
  2. Enter your OC password
  3. Click 'Log In'


  • If you are required to use Two Step Verification, a message will appear.
  • Press "Setup" to begin the process.

Add Cell Phone Number

Add Cell Phone Number
  1. Enter your 10-digit cell phone number
  2. Use the drop-down list to choose your carrier
  3. Select "Send Code"

A verification code will be sent to your cell phone.

Verify Your Phone

Verify Your Phone
  1. Enter the Verification Code you receive by text message on your cell phone
  2. Press "Verify Code"

Select Phone Type

Select Phone Type
  1. If you woud like to install the authenticator app, select your phone type.
  2. To set choose a phone type and get instructions for setting up the app click continue.
  3. If you would prefer not to set up the app you may choose "Skip" to continue receiving verification codes via text message.

Install Google Authenticator

Install Google Authenticator (if applicable)
  • Follow the instructions to Install Google Authenticator for your phone type.  For iPhones, you will install the app from the App Store.  For Android phones, you'll install the App from the Google Play Store
  • When you have finished, click 'Continue'

Set Up Google Authenticator

Set Up Google Authenticator
  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the Google Authenticator.
  2. Enter the code from the Authenticator
  3. Select "Verify and Save."

Trusted Computer

Trusted Computer

You have the option of making the computer you're using a trusted computer.  This will keep you from being asked to use two step authentication every time you log in.

  1. If you are using your personal computer, select "Yes". If you are using a public computer, select "No"
  2. Click 'Next'

Verification Complete

Verification Complete

Select "Finish" to complete the process and log in.


You have successfully set up Two Factor Authentication.

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