Grant/Edit Third Party Access

In order for parents or other guardians to be able to access certain information, permission must be granted in order to allow them to view, access, or speak with faculty members regarding their student's account. This answer will walk the student through granting access to a third party.

Login to your MyOC account (

Login to your MyOC account
  1. Enter your OC username
  2. Enter your OC password

Grant/Remove Permissions

Check the permissions you would like to give access to
  • Check the different boxes for which you would like to grant permission. The student in the example above has decided to allow their 3rd party member access to everything. What you would like to allow access to is completely up to you. Faculty and staff are not allowed to disclose any personal information without permissions granted.


  • You have successfully configured third party access to your MyOC account.

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