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This article contains instructions for downloading print drivers from the student printing website available for students and adjuncts. This will allow you to print to OC printers using the print menu in your preferred software.

Open the Student Printing Website

Log In Using OC Credentials

Log In
  1. Type in your OC username
  2. Type in your OC password
  3. Click Login


  1. Click on the Driver Print tab.
  2. Select your operating system.

Configure Print Driver

Configure Print Driver
  1. Select the driver you would like to install. (This answer will show simple direct)
  2. Click Continue.

Simple Direct: Basic print jobs; does not include double-sided printing or other advanced configurations

Advanced: Double-sided printing, collating, etc.

Select Destination Printer

Select Destination Printer

You can install a printer for Black and White printing or Color printing.  Once you complete the installation of one, you may come back and change your selection to install the other.

Follow the Instructions Provided

Follow the Instructions Provided

The website will provide the instructions you need to install the printer for the operating system and printer you selected.  Follow the instructions on your screen.

Installing Printer Drivers

For Mac users, some printer drivers may not be automatically installed on your computer. If you need to install a printer driver, please search for it on Apple's Support Website.


You have successfully downloaded and installed printer drivers from OC's web print feature.

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