Connect a Device to OC's Wireless Network (Smart TV, Gaming Console, etc.)



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    Colby Watson

    None of this worked and is pointless to have to do, should have just had open WiFi. Unclear as to reasoning behind making already slow WiFi harder to connect to.

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    Aaron Baker

    It seems as though there is a delay in the devices being added to the domain after being registered via MAC address or they are sometimes not being added at all. My nintendo switch was able to authenticate wirelessly, but my xbox and roku could not. When I called support they suggested forgetting the network from the device and waiting 5 minutes after adding it on the clearpass page then trying again. When this didn't work I resolved to using ethernet for it to authenticate and once it was on the domain they were able to connect wirelessly. This isn't a true fix as many devices don't have an ethernet adapter.

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