Managing an Ethos Event



The primary function and focus of Ethos events must be the spiritual formation of the participants. The majority of the time of the event must be used to promote spiritual goals. Each approved Ethos event counts for one kudos per attendee.

Event Approval Form

Please visit the event approval form page on OC's website and fill out the form to request approval for an Ethos event (to be eligible for kudos).


Guidelines & FAQs

General Guidelines

  • event must cultivate spiritual development for participants
  • majority of time at event must be spent promoting spiritual goals
  • event must be approved by Spiritual Life to be considered an Ethos event and to count as a kudos (view event approval form)


Who is eligible to lead an Ethos group?

Any student that is in good standing with the University, has a heart for serving others, and is in love with Jesus.


What are the requirements for being a leader of an Ethos Bible study?

To lead a study, you need to have a heart for people and at least be slightly organized. The Office of Spiritual Life will provide resources, training, and support to students interested in leading a Bible study.


Can an Ethos event take place off campus?

Yes. Each approved Ethos event that takes place off campus is worth one kudos. If attendees are unable to use the "check-in" feature on the Ethos app for the off-campus event, the organizer of the event will record attendance.


Can a mission trip count for Ethos?

Yes. Students attending missions trips that last more than one day will get one kudos per day of mission work


Missions trips not sponsored by OC

If the trip meets the Ethos requirements, then it doesn't necessarily have to be a school-sponsored trip. The Office of Spiritual Life will have an Ethos Approval Committee that will approve events hosted by outside groups and organizations.


Who is eligible to lead a Servanthood project? Does each event need a sponsor?

Any student, faculty, or staff member can lead a project. The approval committee may require a faculty or staff sponsor and will contact you if that is the case.


Contact Spiritual Life Office for More Information

The Spiritual Life Office is located on the second floor of the Mabee Learning Center. You can call the Ethos director at (405) 425-5908

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