Hanging Posters on Campus


All signs and posters on campus must be approved and stamped by the Dean of Students or Student Life.


Sign Guidelines

Guidelines for the Gaylord University Center

  • No sign should exceed dimensions of 11" x 14"
  • No sign may be placed on painted walls or pillars
  • No sign may be placed on doors
  • When there are two sets of glass doors, no sign may be placed on any of the outer glass
  • Each sign may hang for two weeks maximum
  • Signs must be removed the day after event being advertised
  • Only one sign may hang per appropriate board or designated window clearly marked "Information"
  • No more than 8 signs can be hung in the building
  • All signs must be hung with poster putty only. NO TAPE! (Student Life often provides poster putty for signs.)
  • All job related signs must be approved by Career Services
  • Each sign must be stamped, approved, and dated by Student Life or Career Services
  • Musical and theatre events may be approved by Pattie Groves for the Garvey Center but still must follow listed guidelines
  • Failure to remove sign after specified date or failure to follow guidelines will forfeit sign hanging privileges
  • Additional portable bulletin boards will be made available for special events (i.e. Homecoming, elections, etc.)


The following bulletin boards are available for use in the Gaylord University Center (Student Center):

  • South wall of east entrance (church activities, jobs available, items for sale)
  • North wall of east entrance (upcoming events)
  • Next to the mailroom (miscellaneous)




Contact Student Life

The Student Life office is located in the northeast corner of the Gaylord University Center ("Student Center"). During business hours, you can visit the Student Life office during or call the office at (405) 425-5900. You can also visit the Student Life page on OC's website for information.




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