Ethos (Overview)

ETHOS is a Greek word meaning “the distinguishing character or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.”


OC's Ethos model for Spiritual Life has replaced the previous chapel attendance system beginning in the Fall semester of 2014. Ethos is a holistic spiritual development program uniquely created for students at Oklahoma Christian University. Daily chapel will still assemble as usual at OC, but students will also have options to earn "kudos" (similar to chapel credits) by attending other approved events related to spiritual development, such as View 63, Bible studies, and ministry projects.


Fulfilling Ethos Requirements (as a Student)

This information was gleaned from the Student Handbook.



"Kudos" Requirements

"Kudos" Requirements

Scanning in to an Ethos event (such as daily chapel or an approved Bible study) gives a student 1 "kudos." A student must accumulate 65 kudos per semester. A student with special circumstances that inhibits him/her to attend chapel may apply for a "Requirement Reduction."



Requirement Reductions (Recurring "Chapel Excuse")

Every full-time student will be required to participate in Ethos unless a special exemption is given by the Dean of Students.


A student with special circumstances that inhibits him/her to attend chapel may apply for a "Requirement Reduction." Students may fill out a Permanent Chapel Excuse Form on myOC in the Student Services section to apply for the reduction.


Failure to Meet Requirements

According to the Student Handbook, failure to meet the required spiritual development credits (kudos) is considered a serious violation of the Code of Conduct. If a student continues to not meet the minimum requirements a hold will be placed on the student’s account, preventing the student from registering, validating or obtaining a transcript. The student will be referred to the Associate Dean of Students, for further disciplinary action. A student may be suspended from the University if the student continues to not meet the minimum Ethos requirements.


Ethos is funded by OC's Thrive campaign. For details, visit the Ethos page of the Thrive campaign site.


Contact Spiritual Life Office for More Information

The Spiritual Life Office is located on the second floor of the Mabee Learning Center. You can call the Ethos director at (405) 425-5908

View the Ethos page on OC's website for more information.

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