Manage Your Financial Aid


The "My Financial Aid" page allows students to:

  • View current and previous financial aid awards
  • Review payment plan options
  • Accept, reduce, or decline loans
  • Compare financial aid awards between specific dates and/or years
  • View and complete financial aid missing information


To learn about making payments, view our instructions for using the Student Account Online.


For Applicants:

Applicants access "My Financial Aid" through their Admissions login screen. To sign in, enter the email address and password you used for your application.

Go to  



For Current Students:

Those who have already set up an OC network account are considered current students.

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Financial Aid Page


You will be directed to the Financial Aid site, from which you can manage all of your financial aid.


Current Awards

 The first page you will encounter is "Current Awards."

  1. You can use the menu to select the academic year for which you want to view your awards.
  2. Click "Submit."





Understanding Your Current Awards Page

  1. Under "Status," "A" marks those financial aid awards that you have accepted. (Gifts, like grants and scholarships, are automatically accepted for you.)
  2. Under "Status," "O" means that you need to choose whether you want to accept, reduce, or decline the financial aid award.
  3. To accept, reduce, or decline your awards that are marked "O," click on the "Accept Awards" tab. (This step is explained in the next section.)
  4. You can hover your mouse over the name of each financial award to view the details of the award.
  5. You can see what your total financial aid for the academic year would be if you accepted all awards.
  6. An estimate of your expenses is shown below to help you figure out how much aid you may want to accept.
  7. Using the estimated cost, this displays the amount you owe for the year after all financial aid is applied.
  8. You can view the costs for housing and meal plans to estimate your cost more accurately.
  9. If you are eligible for work study, your maximum amount available is displayed here.
  10. To pay for the amount you still owe after financial aid, you can choose to set up an Installment Payment Plan through your Student Account Online.
  11. At the bottom, you will find the contact information for your Personal Financial Counselor.



Accept, Reduce, or Decline Loans

  1. Click the "Accept Awards" tab.
  2. Select the academic year for which you want to accept awards.
  3. Click "Submit."
  4. To Accept an award, simply select "Accept" next to that award and leave the box blank.
  5. To accept only part ("Reduce") an award, select "Accept" and put the amount you want to accept in the box below the award.
  6. Make sure to specify the period for which you want to accept the loan.
  7. To Decline an award, select "Decline" next to that award.
  8. The total of your previously accepted awards is displayed below the section for accepting, reducing, or declining awards.
  9. Fill out the box if the instructions apply, or leave blank if not.
  10. Explain any desire to decline or reduce awards that you were not able to decline or reduce at earlier steps.
  11. Read the statement and check the box to express agreement.
  12. Click "Submit."

Once you have submitted this form, your Personal Financial Counselor will be notified regarding the choices you have made to accept, decline, or reduce each award. Your Personal Financial Counselor will remain in contact with you throughout the process of filling out any necessary financial forms.



Missing Documents Page

  1. Click on the "Check for missing items" tab to view any missing items.
  2. Any currently missing item will say "missing" under "status." (Please note that an item may remain marked as "missing" for a while after you have submitted the item. The item will be removed as soon as your Personal Financial Counselor is able to review and approve the submitted item.)
  3. There is usually a link provided that will take you to where you can complete the missing item.

Financial Services will notify you about any new missing items via email. Failure to provide this missing information before the first day of classes will delay or prevent your financial aid from being disbursed.



Award History Page

You can use the "Award History" page to compare two different years of your financial aid awards.



Contact Financial Services


  • Phone: (405) 425 - 5190 or (800) 877-5010, ext. 5190
  • Email:
  • Location: Financial Services is located in Gaylord Hall. (View Location)
  • Hours: 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday




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