G Suite Training

Google is excited to share that Synergyse Training now has a new name --G Suite Training-- as well as a brand new logo. These instructions show how to navigate to the G Suite learning center.

G Suite Learning Center

Chrome is recommended for G Suite applications and training.

Quick Start Guide

We recommend starting here. The quick start guide will help you get acquainted with the general uses and functions of G Suite products.

Get Started

  • Click the blue Get started in 7 easy steps! button.

Follow the Training

  • Follow the Instructions for each training module. Each module has step by step instructions and pictures to make training easy to do and understand.


  • You have successfully completed the Quick Start Guide training.

If you would like even more information about Google applications and products that are available to you, use the following learning guides.

Learn by Product

You can learn new tips and tricks for different applications by searching for the product you would like to use.

  1. Hover over the tab labeled 'Learn by Product'
  2. Choose the product you would like to learn more about.

Learn About the Product

  • You can choose to start from the beginning or click on different sections
Tips Library

The Tips Library is similar to a FAQ (frequently asked questions) forum. Use this forum to see answers to common questions and learn new tricks for your favorite applications.

Open Tips Library

  • Click on Tips Library at the top of the page.

Sort Available Tips

  • 'Tips' can be organized based on 'Featured' (popular/most used), 'Products' (sort by product), or 'Benefits' (functionality).

Choose a Tip

  • Click on the tip you would like to use. The icons in the bottom left corner indicate which apps are associated with this tip.
Switching from Microsoft

G Suite includes instructions for switching your data from Microsoft applications to Google applications.

Switching from Microsoft Page

  • Click the Switching from Microsoft tab in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Choose Application to Switch

  1. Scroll down to find the product you would like to switch to.
  2. Click View Guide

Follow the Instructions

  • Follow the different steps to learn about the products, learn how to switch to Google products, and learn how to use Google products.

Download PDF (Optional)

  • Click Download PDF if you would like to save instructions for future use.
Use at Work

Google products can be used for different purposes depending on your profession or needs. Use this section to find information on what applications to use for specific tasks and types of professions.

Use at Work Page

  1. Hover over the Use at Work tab.
  2. Learn by Industry - Choose the industry that fits best with your profession/job description.
  3. Learn by Role - Choose the department that best fits your job description.
  4. Learn by Task - Choose a task you would like to improve your skills at.

The most commonly used tabs for Oklahoma Christian University users have been highlighted.

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