Outlook Email Rules Wizard

These instructions show you how to automatically sort your emails in Outlook.


  • Emails rules are an easy way to sort your mail automatically.  You can have emails from certain senders or that follow a certain set of rules automatically be sent to different folders.  Following are instructions for setting up email rules, first in Outlook 2010 for Windows, and then for Outlook 2011 for the Mac OS.

Outlook 2010 for Windows

Outlook 2010 for Windows
  1. From your inbox, click on the Rules button at the top of your window.  
  2. Select Create Rule.

Create the Rule

Create the Rule
  1. Select which options you would like
  2. Click Ok

You can add more complicated filtering options by clicking Advanced Options.

Managing rules

Managing rules
  1. To change or delete any old rules you have click Rules
  2. The click Manage Rules & Alerts


  • You have successfully added, managed, and edited rules in Outlook!

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