Share a Google Drive File

Sharing Google Drive files allows you to collaborate in real time with colleagues, classmates, or friends. It also prevents you from ever having to send an email attachment again. You can share your files with as many or as few people as you like. You can share Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings the same way. Choose the application you would like to use.

If you are sharing a Google Drive file from your OC account, only those within the OC domain will be able to view it.

Open the File

  • Click on the file you would like to share.


  • In the top right corner, click Share.

Choose Collaborators

  1. Enter names and/or email addresses of the people you would like to share the file with.
  2. Edit access to the file.
  3. Gives a unique URL to send in an email that will direct people to the file.
  4. Gives advanced options
  5. Are advanced settings: set permissions of collaborators.
  6. Click Done when you have finished configuring the sharing settings.


  • You have successfully shared a Google Drive File.

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