Transfer PST Files from Outlook - Windows

If you have not already, you will need to install Google Apps Sync on your Windows side. If you do not know how to install the program, please see our instructions on how to Set Up Outlook in Windows.

Run the Migration and Syncing Tool

Start Menu

Select the Start Menu
  • Click the Start icon in the lower left corner of your screen.


Type in the search bar "Google"
  • To find the application, search for 'Google' in the program search bar.

Google Apps Migration

Select Google Apps Migration from the Start Menu
  • Select Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook
  • You will open this a second time after you have run the full migration of your Inbox, Contacts, and Calendar events.

Log In

You will be prompted to Log In
  1. Enter your OC email address
  2. Enter your OC password
  3. Click Continue

Select "From PST File(s).."

Select "From PST File(s).."
  1. Select 'From PST File(s)...' in the drop down
  2. Click Next

Select User

Make sure Desktop is selected.
  1. Select Desktop
  2. Select your user's folder

Locate PST Files

Your PST Files will be listed with your other Folders
  1. Your PST Files will be with your other folders. It will be the document with the Outlook symbol in the top left hand corner, and your name printed underneath it.
  2. Select Open.
  • You can only select one PST file at a time.
  • This is the default location and name of PST files. If you have moved them elsewhere or renamed them then go ahead and select that location and file.

Migrate Data

Migrate All Data

  1. Select Migrate all Data
  2. Select Next.

Select Data to Transfer

Select all the data you would like transferred
  1. Choose data to migrate.
  2. Click Migrate

Wait for Migration to Complete

A status bar will open and show you the progress of your migration.
  • Wait for the migration to complete. This could take several minutes.
  • Click Ok

Repeat if Necessary

If you have more than one PST file, you will need to run the migration multiple times.
  1. Select 'Start New Migration' to select more PST files, and follow the steps from above.
  2. If you do not have any more PST files, select 'Close'.


  • You have successfully migrated your PST files!

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