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OC Messenger is Oklahoma Christian University's emergency notification systems for students and employees. Communications through this system may include campus weather advisories, campus closings, security alerts and other emergency broadcasts.  We would like to encourage you to confirm your mobile phone number on your OC Messenger account if you have not done so already.

Add a Mobile Phone Number

Go to OC Messenger

Log In

  1. Enter your OC username
  2. Enter your OC password
  3. Click Log In

Agree to the Terms

  1. Click the box next to 'I have read and agree to the Rave Terms of Use'
  2. Click Submit

Add Your Mobile Phone

  • Click Add in the 'Mobile Phones' section

Enter Your Mobile Number

  1. Enter your mobile phone number.
  2. Click Continue

Do not include any special characters or spaces when entering your phone number.

Select Your Carrier

  1. Click the dropdown menu under Confirm your carrier'
  2. Select your cell phone company

Enter Confirmation Code

  1. You will receive a text message on your phone.  
  2. Enter this code into the confirmation code box
  3. Click Continue


  • You have successfully added your mobile cell phone number to OC Messenger.
Add Your Email

Your student email has already been added for you. If you would like a different default email address for OC Messenger notifications, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Add button in the 'Email' section.

Enter Your Email Address

  1. Type in your preferred email.
  2. Click Save


  • You have successfully updated your default email address for OC Messenger notifications only.

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