Find Your IP Address

Your IP Address is the temporary, unique number assigned to your computer when you are on the network. There are several ways to find it:


Network Preferences

  1. Select the AirPort icon from the menu bar
  2. Select Open Network Preferences

Locate Wireless IP Address

  1. Make sure your WiFI is connected.
  2. Locate your IP Address.

Locate Ethernet IP Address

  1. To see you Ethernet IP address click on Ethernet
  2. Your IP address will be indicated on the right

Run Command Prompt

  • To find your IP Address in Windows, press the Windows/Apple/Command key and "R" key together.
  1. In the box that opens, type cmd
  2. Click Ok

IP Configuration

  • In the prompt that opens, type ipconfig followed by the enter key.

Locate IP Address

  • Locate the IPv4 Address under the Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection heading
  • This is your IP address.


  • You have successfully located your IP address for both Mac and Windows.

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