SMART Board - Mac Install

These are the instructions for installing the SMART Board software on Mac OS.

This program is only available for certain users due to licensing agreements. If you do not have access and believe you should have access to this program, please contact Support Central.

Connect to the Server

  1. Type smb:// in the Server Address box
  2. Click Connect

Locate the SMART Board Software

Find the SMART Board Software
  1. Choose the Mac folder .
  2. Double Click the file smart16-1-web.dmg

Click on the install icon

Click on the install icon
  • Double-click Install SMART Learning Suite 16.1

Run the Installation Process

Run the Installation Process
  • Click Continue

Continue Install Set-Up

Click "Continue"
  • Click Continue

Agree to the End-User License Agreement

Click "Continue"
  • Click Continue
Click "Agree"
  • Click Agree

Configure the Software

Configure the software

This window allows you to select which components to install.  

  1. We recommend installing the default components, which are shown above.

The SMART Product Drivers are required and the other components are optional.  

2.     Click Continue when ready to proceed.

Finish the Installation Process

Click "Install"
  • Click Install

Provide your OC Credentials

Provide your OC Credentials
  1. Enter your OC Username
  2. Enter your OC Password
  3. Click install Software
  • NOTE: If the software says you will only be allowed to install the product with a 45-day free trial, click "continue". You will enter the product key later.

Allow Program to Install

Please wait while the software is installed. This could take several minutes.

Activate your SMART Board Software

Click Activate
  • Click Activate

Find the Product Key

  • Connect to the Server Again (see steps above)

Open the License Text File

Double-click "License.txt"
  • Double click License.txt

Copy the Serial Number

Copy the Serial Number
  1. Highlight the Serial number by clicking ad dragging with your mouse.
  2. Right click on the highlight and click "Copy"

Paste the Serial Number

Paste the Serial Number
  1. Click in the box that says "Product Key"
  2. Right click on the box and click "Paste"

Add the product

Add the product.
  • Once you've pasted the product key, a green check mark will appear next to the box.
  1. Click Add
  • After you have clicked Add, the product key will disappear from the box and be added to the products list below.

  2. Click Next

Choose Activation Type

  1. Select Submit the request automatically (recommended)
  2. Click Next

Finish the Setup

Click "Finish"
  • Click Finish


  • You have successfully installed SMART Notebook and its associated programs.

Contact Support Central

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