Install Printers App - Download on Mac

These are instructions for installing the Install Printers application for employees using Mac.

  • Employees who have advanced printing needs (Stapling, Hole Punch, etc) will need to install the device-specific drivers.  For Mac, you will need to use the OC Install Printers App.
  • If you already have the Install Printers application installed and need to install the printers, view the instructions for Installing OC Printers in Mac.

Connect to the Server

To install public printers on the Mac side, you will need to connect to the folder smb://software/dist/Install Printers to download the public printer application.

If you do not know how to connect to the server, please see our instructions for how to Connect to a Server in Mac.

Open the Install File

Double Click the "InstallPrinters.dmg" Icon

Double click InstallPrinters.dmg

Open the Install Package

Double Click the Box Icon That Has Opened

Double click the Install Printers 3.0 icon


Click "Continue"

Click Continue

Important Information

Click "Continue"

Click Continue

Start Installation

Click "Install"

Click Install


  1. Enter your OC username.
  2. Enter your OC password.
  3. Click OK

Close Installer

Click "Close" to Finish

Click Close to close the installer. Install Printers App can be found under your computer's application folder. You are now ready to Install Printers on Mac.


You have successfully downloaded and installed the OC Install Printers App.

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