Scan & Send a Document at a Copier

You can scan a document at any copier on campus to which you have access and then email that document to yourself or to other designated recipients.

Place Document

Put the document you'd like to scan either on the glass or in the feed tray on the top of the copier.

Log In

Log In

Log into the copy machine by typing in your username and password on the main screen, or scan your ID card.


Tap Send

Select the "Send" Tab

On the top of the screen, tap the Send tab.

Choose Recipient

Choose Recipient
  1. If you would like to email the file to yourself, click Send to Myself
  2. If you would like to email the file to a different recipient, click E-mail and enter the person's email address.

Start Button

Push the Green "Start" Button to the Right of the Touch Screen

Push the green Start button on the keypad.



A status screen will appear when your message has been sent.


You have successfully scanned and emailed a document.

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