Laserfiche Snapshot Configuration - Windows Only

Use the instructions below to configure Laserfiche Snapshot Printing.

This program is only available for certain users due to licensing agreements. If you do not have access and believe you should have access to this program, please contact Support Central.

Open the Laserfiche Snapshot Configuration Tool

Open the Laserfiche Snapshot Configuration Tool
  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Click on the Laserfiche Folder
  3. Click on the Snapshot Folder
  4. Click on Snapshot Configuration (Current User)

Log in With Windows Credentials

Log in With Windows Credentials
  • On the Repository Login Screen:
  1. Select Windows Authentication
  2. Click OK

General Configuration

General Configuration
  • In the General Tab, choose your default folder
  1. Click on the button with 3 dots to open the folder browser.
  2. Select the folder you want to use as your default folder.  If you're not sure which folder to use, please contact Support Central.
  3. Click OK

Template Configuration

Template Configuration.
  1. Open the Template tab.
  2. Uncheck the check box next to When no template is assigned, use the Laserfiche default template
  3. Click the arrow next to the Template box.  
  4. Select the template you need.  Most student files use Student Financial Services

Text Configuration

Text Configuration
  1. Open the Text tab.
  2. Click on the radio button next to Perform OCR on the images created for the print job
  3. Click the drop-down box by OCR engine.  It will already have Omni-page selected.  Select OmniPage again.  
  4. An error will pop up.  Click OK  
  5. Go back to the OCR Engine drop-down and select Omni-page again.
  6. Check the box next to Perform image enhancements
  7. Click Configure

Configure Image Clean-up Options

Configure Image Clean-up Options
  1. Click the box next to Deskew image
  2. Click the box next to Despeckle image
  3. Click the box next to Rotate image
  4. Click OK

Text Configuration Continued

Text Configuration Continued
  1. Change the Optimization mode to Accuracy
  2. Click Apply
  3. Click OK


Configuration complete.  You are now ready to use the Laserfiche Snapshot printer.

Contact Support Central

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