Student ID Card

The Student ID cards are proximity cards that include microchips and magnetic strips. This answer gives some general information about the OC's ID cards.

The Front

  • The front of your student ID card should look like this. It will have a picture of you and your first & last name.
  • Your role will also be labeled whether it is Student or Employee.

The Back

The back of your ID card has several important pieces of information.

  • Lost ID Card Policy: Lost Student ID cards can be replaced at a charge of $10. You can add this charge to your student account or you can pay with cash or check. Damaged ID cards are replaced for free provided you bring the damaged card with you to be replaced. ID cards can be replaced at Support Central. When you replace your ID card, be sure to get it validated at the Cafeteria Office to use for meals.
  • School Address: This is the address your card will be sent to if someone finds it and chooses to mail it back to OC. For your student mailing address, please see our Mailing & Shipping Addresses Web Page.
  • Student ID Number: Every student and employee has a unique 7-digit ID number. If you do not know your ID number, you can look at your ID card or look it up on MyOC under the My Info tab.
  • Version Number: This number indicates which ID card you are currently using. Every time you receive a new ID card, the version number increases by one.

Hole Punching

Because the ID cards have a magnetic strip and proximity chip, there is only one place where they can be safely hole punched. If you would like a hole punched in your ID card, please bring it to Support Central.

Places ID Cards are Used

  • Electronic door locks
  • Chapel Scanners
  • Entry into the Cafeteria and the Dub
  • Eagle Bucks
  • Printing
  • Identification

Contact Support Central

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