Hard Drive is Full

My computer keeps telling me that my drive is full, but I haven't installed anything lately. How do I fix this?

If you are trying to save documents to the hard drive, the drive may be too full. Use the following directions to view the amount of free space on your drive.

In Windows, go to Computer, then right-click on your drive and go to properties. You will see a chart that tells you how much space you are using.

In Mac OS X, right click on the Mac OS X drive, then go to Get Info. There will be two fields under General called Capacity and Available. Available shows how much space is left on your HD.

Remove any unnecessary programs and data to free some space. Once you increase your free space, you should be able to save files again.

If your hard drive is not full, then it may be possible that your hard drive is going bad, or that your OS is corrupted. In this case (or if the previous suggestions do not work), it is highly recommended that you contact the Support Central. It is also possible that you may need to change your partition sizes.

Partition Sizes

The Macbooks provided to students, faculty, and staff have a hard drive that is split into two sections:

One partition for Mac OS

One partition for Windows

The Macbook hard drive is split 50%/50% between Mac OS and Window by default. We provide an option to give more space to either Mac OS or Windows. We offer 70%/30%, for either more space on the windows or mac side. If you would to take advantage of this, please visit the following link for information on upgrading your computer to the latest operating systems.

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