Connect to an External Display - Mac

This answer tells you how to connect an external display (projector, monitor, etc.) to your Mac.

  • In order for the following options to appear on your screen, you must first be hooked up to the external display. It is likely that you will need some kind of adapter to be properly connected.
Open "System preferences"

 From the dock, click the gear icon.


  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Click 'System Preferences'

Choose "Displays"

  • Select Displays

Configure the External Display

Click 'Arrangement'

  • Click the Arrangement tab at the top of the display settings box.

Extended Displays Mode

  • Click and drag the boxes (which represent your displays) to make them match their physical configuration. The box with the white menu bar is your main screen. This is known as Extended Displays Mode.
  • You can choose which screen is your main screen by clicking and dragging the white menu bar from one box to the other.

Extended Displays Mode is only available when the 'Mirror Displays' box is unchecked.

Mirrored Displays Mode

  1. Check the Mirror Displays box if you want the both displays to show the same screen.
  2. To easily access your mirrored display options from the menu bar at the top of your screen, check the box Show mirroring displays in menu bar when available


You have successfully configured your external displays. 

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    Dudley Chancey

    i have hooked three computers up to the projector in scott chapel. it still doesn't detect a signal. this happens every time. I am a loser.

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